Civilian Living History

Civilians of Lunsford's stand around the kitchen tent and the metalworking tent. A cauldron hangs over a fire in the foreground.

Not everyone wants to go on the battlefield, and not all members of the public want to see a battle! Living History is where everyday C17th life is reenacted. Usually the scenario is around a military camp, so you might find people making lead shot, or tent pegs, or cooking for the officers and their men – that is, of course, in addition to seeing the soldiers lounging about drinking beer, playing cards or sleeping. Then there are the officers, who live in much grander tents, often accompanied by their ladies, who may be sewing, lace making, reading, or possibly writing. Other civilian activities can also be found – wood workers of all kinds, warreners, printers, bakers, scribes and musicians, to name but a few. Those living this life will be happy to explain what they are doing to members of the public!

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